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At TwentyThree we enable organisations to relate and communicate to the world with video.

We power organisations’ efforts with video with our video marketing products. As a video company, our vision is that video is transforming everything: most fundamentally, how we communicate as humans in a digital world. It requires us to switch to a video-first strategy, rethink our formats and change to the best marketing tool to support that strategy. 

Reinventing the artefacts of video communication is a big task — but it’s certainly not impossible. We’re building all the tools that an organisation needs to succeed with video.

TwentyThree was officially founded by Thomas Mygdal-Madsen and Steffen Christensen. Honestly, it’s a hard date to pin down — the debate continues on to this day.
We've grown from the two founders coding and pitching out of various cafés into a strong team of talented individuals. And we’re still growing.
45 +
Today, our platforms host hundreds of thousands of videos from our global community of customers.
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Empowering organisations to better communicate and relate to the world with video.